Kitchen Set of 6 with Stand

6 Pcs Kitchen Set with Stand

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Tramontina’s 6-piece knife set with stainless steel blades, black polypropylene handles and wooden holder from the Ultracorte line will add sophistication and quality to your kitchen. The set includes a charming wooden knife holder to keep the 6 utensils organized for an elegant kitchen. The stainless steel blades undergo a heat treatment for a longer lasting edge. The black polypropylene handles have antimicrobial protection that hinders the growth of fungus and bacteria. Easy to store and to clean, the knives are dishwasher safe.


   3″ Paring Knife                           5″ Fruit & Steak Knife              6″ Kitchen Knife                          7″ Chef Knife

   L : 17.9 cm W : 2.1 cm H : 1.2 cm           L : 22 cm W : 2.1 cm H : 1.2 cm            L : 27.7 cm W : 2.9 cm H : 1.6 cm        L : 30.7 cm W : 4.1 cm H : 2 cm

   01 unit                                                      01 unit                                                     01 unit                                                    01 unit



  7″ inches Kitchen Scissors       Knife Set Stand

L : 19.5 cm W : 7.6 cm H : 1.4 cm

01 unit                                                        01 unit

Main Functions and Benefits

The stainless steel blades are highly durable thanks to the heat treatment.
The polypropylene handles are highly resistant and durable, and have antimicrobial protection that hinders fungal and bacterial growth for better hygiene and reduction of microorganisms that cause contamination. The protection lasts throughout the product's working life, but it does not dismiss the need for regular cleaning.
Aluminum rivets.
The wooden holder protects the pieces.
Dishwasher safe to make your daily routine easier.


Made in Brazil

Handle Color



1.24 kg


Warranty against defects workmanship


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